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There is no "because".

guan's Icon Journal
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  • aimless_icon@livejournal.com


- Credit in keywords or your livejournal user information to "aimless_icon". If you don't know how, I'll be glad to teach you.
- Comment, it'll be nice if you tell me which icons you are taking, and I like to be praised. Hohohoho...
- No request unless I post an entry about it.
- Anyone who uses my icons without proper crediting or claims them to be theirs, will be killed by my invisible Internet knife, bwahaha, take that! *stabs unknown person*

Seriously, we are all matuerer than that, I make icons and share, you credit, everyone is happy.

The Name:

guan's icon journal, =D Aimless icons... I'm not making it for a certain reason, when I feel like messing around with photoshop, then I make icons, there's no reason to tell me that "I must update", because I make icons when I feel like to, I don't think there's a point of forcing myself to do something, but of course I do want to get better at icon making, =D

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Want to be an affiliate? Comment on my journal and we'll see. (All the affiliates are inside the journal...)

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