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Saved all Sasori-icons ^_^ Not sure if I will use them soon but I will use SOME of them for sure <3 Love the icons ^^
all the icons are amazing, but I'm taking number 22 cuase it's making me snicker. Funness. Will credit


July 20 2005, 17:45:26 UTC 11 years ago

#16 iz pretty kool so ill be takin that one...
Keep up the good work man :D
LOL i love the rukia boobies one xD *steals....and credits!*
How I covet thy skillZ. =OOOO These are all beautiful! The boobies one cracked me up, and I was looking at it in the middle of a medical library. (pfft, at least i didn't get kicked out.. just some funny stares..)
Snaggeh-ing #'s 10, 17 (=genius), 20, 27, and 28.

Will credit! :D
Hello! Using 16 for my Ishida RP journal! Credited :D
snagging 39 =3 i like love this particular sasuke icon !!! (:
Snagged a whole bunch for Bleach icons... xD!! #17 is totally hilarious.. xD!! TOo bad you didn't have Renji in there..!! And #3 is sooo dang right!! xD Will credit when used, arigatoo!
I took the first friends only banner ^^
am taking the first friends only banner. will credit. love the icons! will nab them someday!
love how you use colors :D
taking 17!! will credit~
took 40 and 44. loved them. esp the sasuke one. great graphic, great colors. true caption.

Took the first f/o, it's adorable!
and the 1st friends only. =)
First FO because it's awesome.
Nabbing #21, 39, and 46~ will credit when used! ^__^


August 7 2005, 21:57:43 UTC 11 years ago

Some of the best icons i've ever seen =) Hope you don't mind im gonna use the one with allen in it and colors ^^ Thanks.
took the allen 666 one.
Taking 32,34 and 35, thank you. ^^
Hi! I'm taking FO banner of Ichigo and gang. Will credit!
took the bleach fo banner =3
Beautiful icons! I have a question: may I snag your FMA 1st place icon at fma_awards week 17 - Humor?
Took the Tikki icon it's lovely I will credit thanx
n°17 really makes me laugh :D will credit !
love your FO banners
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